Coastal Cities as Sustainable Economic Hubs

Water Supply and Sanitation in Moldova Center

Hydraulic and sanitation Millennium programme

Rural Water Supply IV

Clean Town – Pink Lake, Nakuru Town Development and Biodiversity Conservation Project (LNBCP)

Green Infrastructure Beira

Adaptation to climate change in Mozambique (ACCM)

Storm Water Drainage System Beira – Adaptation to climate change

Uganda – Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (PIC) – Lot 2

Tanzania – Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (PIC) – Lot 2

Kenya – Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (PIC) – Lot 2

Rwanda – Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Water Resources Management Programme (PIC) – Lot 2

Consulting Services for the reconstruction and expansion of sewerage systems in Nukus, Takhiatash, Khodjeyli and Kungrad of Karakalpakstan

Itangua-Cuevo Irrigation System – Construction Supervision and Accompanying Measures

IWRM Plan for Serengeti National Park

Municipal Infrastructure Development Project (MIDP) Technical Audit

Perú, Programa PTAR – II Estudios de Pre-inversión para Chimbote y Nuevo Chimbote

Feasibility Study for water and wastewater Himara

Water supply and sanitation for small towns in Bustillos

Oguz-Gabala-Baku Water, Phase I – III

Consulting services to determine the feasibility of water supply and wastewater investments in 12 Rayons

Kampala Water – Lake Victoria WatSan Project – Package 1 and 3 Rehabilitation and Water Production Capacity Optimisation of Ggaba Water Treatment Complex & Transmission Improvement

Technical assistance for the feasibility study and designs for water investments in 6 towns

Establishment and Implementation of a Basket Financing Mechanism under the National Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Programme

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in the region Mayo Kebbi West

Environmental and social impact assessment ESIA / Lusaka Wastewater Project

Consultancy Services for Water and Sanitation in Mtwara and Babati and for Sanitation in Kigoma, Lindi and Sumbawanga

Technical assistance in project preparation in the wastewater and drinking water sector

Consulting Services for Urban Development Fund

Municipal Infrastructure Limon

Primary and secondary education of the Methodist church II

Calueque – Oshakati Water Pipeline Project Consulting Services for Pre-Feasibility Study

Consultancy services for detailed design and construction supervision for water distribution network rehabilitation and expansion in Lilongwe city

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

Moshi Rural District Water Supply

Water supply Loukkos

Feasibility Study for Water Infrastructure in Central Moldova

South-eastern Turkey at Mersin on the Mediterranean Sea

Component LAIF- consulting services for Wastewater Management and Reuse in Lima

Technical Assistance for Preparation of Integrated Water Measures in Pernik and Vidin

Water Management and Development Project (WMDP) Feasibility study, detailed design and tender documents for Mbale & Small towns Water Supply and Sanitation project

Consulting Services for the Hai District Water Supply Project, Phase I – IV

Improving and developing water supply and sanitation systems in rural communities

Water Supply and Sanitation Programme for Nzoia Cluster Phase I, II and III


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