We believe that wastewater and integral sludge management are essential for improved living conditions and environmental protection.

In close collaboration with our clients and beneficiaries our teams design and rehabilitate wastewater networks and purification plants. We apply adapted technologies to ensure efficient and ecologically sustainable water reuse and sewage sludge disposal. It is our aim to integrate specialized knowledge into our designs and to adapt them to the regional conditions. With our long-standing experience in the field of “Basic Sanitation”, we offer holistic technical concepts and provide the users with training in sensitization on such topics. We stand for the safe and hygienic discharge and disposal of wastewater.

Constructrion of a Wastewater Treatment in Nha Trang, Vietnam

Wastewater is divided into individual fields

Treatment Wastewater

Wastewater treatment is a question of caring for our health and the environment. We design wastewater treatment facilities of all sizes and types. Our engineers supervise quality, costs and implementation during construction, and we assist during commission.

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Network & Collection

Wastewater can only be utilized with functional networks and distribution systems. Designing hydraulic networks, pumping stations and transmission mains in different technical shapes and dimensions is one of our core competences. We are partners during the time of construction and operation.

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Sludge management is an integral part of the wastewater treatment process. Our concepts follow a sustainable approach to utilize and make use of the nutrients from biosolids for energy generation, and to ensure efficient and final disposal.

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Wastewater recycling is becoming increasingly important in new water management strategies worldwide considering scarce resource of water. We focus on reuse possibilities adapted to regional needs and meeting infrastructural and organizational capabilities.

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