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Direct communication with our clients is a key to success. We operate out of several project offices at or near our clients’ premises. In addition, we maintain several country offices as hubs for national and transboundary activities in the region.

Consulting Engineers
Salzgitter GmbH
Head Office

Nordstrasse 23
D–38106 Braunschweig, Germany
Phone +49 531 31704 – 0
Fax +49 531 31704 – 199

Consulting Engineers
Salzgitter GmbH
Branch Office Peru

Máximo Abril 580, Jesús María
Lima 11, Peru
Phone +51 1 332 1627 – 433 0858
Fax +51 1 433 1355

Consulting Engineers
Salzgitter GmbH
Branch Office Bolivia

C. Montevideo 130 –
Edif. Requima 5to. Piso
Casilla 7756
La Paz, Bolivia
Phone +59 1 224 40766 | +59 1 221 12367
Fax +59 1 224 40766


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Only as a team can we be successful in what we do.
Providing consultancy and engineering services for improved living conditions.
As a team of engineers and specialists embedded into a network of partner companies, we are continuously looking for new members to join our team. Contact us and find your role.

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