Clean, accessible water is a fundamental right. Reliable water supply is vital for sustainable social and economic prosperity.

Amidst the diverse requirements, our teams design water abstraction structures, water treatment plants and water supply networks. We undertake the design and supervision of the execution of decentralized borehole programs in rural areas, as well as complex drinking water treatment plants in urban areas. Furthermore, we support our clients in the design and implementation of rehabilitating existing measures such as networks and facilities, as well as the reduction of infrastructure-related water losses (leak detection), and the optimization of administrative structures, water tariffs and operator efficiency.

Construction of a Water Treatement Plant in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Water Supply is divided into individual fields


Water Supply starts at the source. We assess hydrological and hydrogeological conditions for defining the quality and quantity of the water resource. To our clients we propose adequate facilities for the capture, intake and transmission of water.

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Treatment Water Supply

Water treatment improves the quality of water to serve a specific end use. We are experts in selecting suitable treatment technologies and processes. As a partner of our clients we prepare designs, supervise construction and advise during commissioning and operation.

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Network & Distribution

Water distribution via networks is done either by gravity or by pressure. We deal with transmission mains and distribution systems. We elaborate hydrological models, design water distribution networks and assist our clients during construction.

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Metering & Tarifs

Sustainable water supply management is closely linked to metering and tariff setting. We are specialized in elaborating setups to overcome the challenge of providing water and sanitation services at an affordable price.

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