Adapted public infrastructure such as schools, health stations and community infrastructure embedded into an integrated development strategy is a pillar of stable and balanced societies.

The development of a society is vested in its ability to provide public infrastructure that fosters economic and social prosperity while ensuring environmental protection. Our teams are specialized in preparation of architecture designs, combining state-of-the-art technologies, materials and policies under consideration of national demands, cultural habits and regional conditions. In joint teams with our clients, project beneficiaries and financing agencies we assist from the first idea of the public infrastructure investment to the detailed architecture and engineering design as well as the procurement of works and goods. We apply latest design technologies such as BIM and 3D-modelling to deliver cost-effective and well-coordinated designs. Beside construction supervision in accordance with international standards, we are highly specialized in managing project and program implementation and associated financial disbursements.

Rehabilitation of the Chiveve River in Beira, Mozambique

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Education for all is one of the most crucial measures for sustainable development. Our teams are specialized in designing rural and urban education facilities from primary and secondary schools to centers for vocational training. We are partners, from the first idea at feasibility stage until construction supervision including the development of curriculum.

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Health is a fundamental human right. Properly designed, constructed and maintained health stations improve the well-being of the beneficiaries and foster rural and urban development in its wider surrounding. Our highly experienced teams deliver studies, concepts as well as architectural and engineering designs and construction supervision for regionally adapted and socially suitable health stations and its appurtenant structures.

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Urban infrastructure

Adequately designed and integrated urban infrastructure shapes cities and municipalities. E.g. marketplaces, embedded green leisure areas and suitable transport systems form attractive public living spaces. Our teams assist local authorities in concepts, planning, procurement, implementation and operation of sustainable urban infrastructure investments considering climate resilience, regional customs and traditions and applying national regulations.

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Displaced persons & refugees

Providing improved living conditions for internally displaced persons and refugees, as well as creating environments mitigating migration are a key to ensure peaceful and stable societies. Either in the state of an emergency or as a part of a regional or national long-term strategy, we provide technical assistance as well as financial and technical program management enabling migrants, refugees and host communities to create stable and balanced societies.

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