For more than 70 years together with our clients we implement projects in the water supply, wastewater, hydraulic engineering and public infrastructure sector.

Water, education and climate action play a crucial role in development cooperation. They play a fundamental role for promoting health, sanitation, agriculture, and economic growth in communities around the world by protecting the environnement. Our teams impelement various projects related to water supply and wastewater, hydraulic engineering and public infrastructure.

In our core sectors we push innovative climate change adaptation and mitigation measures to build resilience and to reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. This includes small adjustments having immediate effects as well as the implementation of long-term strategies and measures to combat climate change in general, to protect communities, and to safeguard ecosystems.

Sectoral interconnection lies at the heart of our approach. We work closely with our clients, understanding their unique needs and objectives. This enables us to develop customized strategies and implement innovative solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also align with their broader vision and follow the idea to protect scare resources and to promote sustainability.

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