Hydraulic engineering fosters sustainable agriculture, balances the ecological, economical and social value of water and is a first-rate instrument to adapt effects of climate change.

Our teams prepare hydrological, hydrogeological and hydraulic assessments worldwide and work together with our clients and beneficiaries in developing sustainable integrated water resource management concepts. Our engineers and experts support our clients wherever required on the construction or rehabilitation of dams, reservoirs, irrigation and drainage systems as well as flood protection with the aim of improving living conditions and responsible habitat protection.

Construction of the San Pedro Rockfill Dam, Bolivia

Hydraulic engineering is divided into individual fields

Integrated water resource management (IWRM)

Successful IWRM increases the social and economic welfare of those connected to the water without being detrimental to the environment and the surrounding ecosystem. Our teams develop, implement and monitor IWRM concepts. We believe that the participation of a broad range of stakeholders is the key to economic, social and ecological sustainability while managing a water catchment.

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Irrigation & Drainage

Properly designed, constructed and maintained irrigation and drainage systems are a major component of sustainable rural development. We apply the latest technologies adapted to regional requirements and assist our clients during design, procurement, construction and operation of new and rehabilitated irrigation and drainage schemes.

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Reservoirs / Dams / Flood Protection

Reservoirs and dams are built for multipurpose use such as drinking water, irrigation, flood control or hydropower. Our teams are specialized in designing new reservoirs and the rehabilitation of existing structures. We commit ourselves to sustainability and mitigating environmental and social impacts in our designs and construction supervision.

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Land Management

Hydraulic and hydrological models form the basis of most sustainable land and water management in both urban and rural areas. Taking into account individual requirements, ecological social and economic conditions as well as climate change impacts, we create a multi-faceted range of concepts and detailed engineering designs.

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