Climate resilience is crucial for the long-term existence and well-being of communities and ecosystems.

At CES we understand climate resilience as a cross cutting task. In all our projects, we are focused to provide climate resilient solutions to our clients, ensuring a long-term perspective and sustainability. Our teams are highly specialized in impact assessments. We are not only experts in environmental and social impact assessments (ESIA). In addition, we conduct greenhouse gas assessments, and our hydraulic engineering team predicts and assess the adverse impacts of climate-related events, such as extreme weather events, flood and drought risks, changing/rising sea levels or changing precipitation patterns. We include the idea of decarbonization in our designs by applying nature based engineering solutions and by fostering biodiversity wherever possible.  

Climate Resilience Services

Circular Economy

We use the wisdom of nature, by employing nature based solutions such as bioretention systems, restored wetlands, green roofs, or natural flood and erosion protection to address environmental challenges, enhance biodiversity, and provide multiple benefits to society.

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Impact Assessments

Evaluating the potential social, environmental, and economic effects is the corner stone to mitigate potential risks and maximize benefits. We are experts in environmental and social impact assessments as well as alle assessments needed for identifying climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

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Reducing or eliminating carbon emissions requires a transition to low carbon or carbon neutral solutions. We conduct greenhouse gas accountings and include renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and sustainable practices into designs, to create a pathway towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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Biodiversity is the foundation of human life and the continuation of our global ecosystem. We actively incorporate measures to protect and enhance biodiversity to safeguard ecosystems and species, and to promote a harmonious relationship between human activities and the natural environment.

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