Equality and women’s
participation are critical
to achieve a fair and
equitable world.

Gender and participation are crucial aspects in both our company context as well as in the development of cooperation projects we are engaged in. At CES we believe that gender equality and inclusivity ensures diverse perspectives and experiences, leading to improved decision-making, innovation, and organizational performance. At our development cooperation projects, gender equality and participation are essential for sustainable and equitable development.

Recognizing and empowering girls and women is crucial for achieving gender equality and unlocking the full potential of society as a whole!

Gender and participation

We believe that empowerment and meaningful participation in decision-making processes leads to more effective and targeted interventions. It is of uttermost importance to consider specific needs of underrepresented groups, prioritizing  women and girls, to ensure a fair and equal participation during decision taking procedures. By actively fostering equality and participation in our project activities, we can tackle poverty, promote education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, and achieve the project goals in a more comprehensive and holistic manner.

Equality and equal participation are critical for achieving a sustainable development and creating a fair and equitable world. At CES we believe in these values.


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