We accompany our clients through the entire engineering and architectural cycle from concept idea to infrastructure realization and even beyond.

Our teams are specialized in delivering comprehensive solutions for complex multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy projects. Our expertise encompasses the preparation feasibility studies and detailed designs, ranging from the initial conceptual designs to tender ready designs according to the several FIDIC book specifications. As a trusted partner, we offer support to our clients throughout the procurement process and provide construction supervision. Our proficiency extends to cost controlling, claim and project management, and the provision of training programs tailored to enhance the skills of our clients‘ staff.

Construction of a Water Treatement Plant in Fort Vieux, St. Lucia.

Engineering and Architectural Services

Feasibility Studies

Every project starts with a first idea. Our teams investigate and assess if a potential project is technically and economically feasible as well as if the project is environmentally and socially viable. The long long-term success of each and every project is set already at the feasibility stage.

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Detailed Designs

We are experts in planning and specification of all aspects of a project: Conceptual and detailed designs. Encompassing technical specifications, materials, dimensions, and construction methods. With our roadmaps for the project execution, accuracy and precision in the construction process is ensured.

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Procurement & TENDERING

We assist our clients in navigating the complex process of procurement and tendering, providing expertise in preparing bid documents, evaluating proposals, and ensuring fair and transparent selection of contractors for successful project execution.

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Construction Supervision

Our teams render supervision services, ensuring adherence to project specifications, quality control, and timely completion, while also providing expertise in claim management to mitigate and resolve potential disputes during the construction phase.

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