Coastal Cities as Sustainable Economic Hubs

The project aims to plan and implement measures to protect the coastal towns of Inhambane and Maxixe in the face of increasing storm and rainfall events and expected sea level rise. Measures such as dykes, groynes, the reforestation of mangroves and the improvement of drainage systems are to contribute to the protection of the coastline and promote economic development. With a participatory planning approach, the involvement of the population and their institutions, measures are identified and implemented; special attention is paid to the future maintenance and expansion of the infrastructure.


Hydraulic Engineering


Feasibility Studies
Detailed Designs
Procurement & Tendering
Construction Supervision
Impact Assessments
Technical Assistance


Irrigation I Drainage
Land Management
Flood Protection
Urban Infrastructure


Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)


Ministério de Administração Estatal e Função Pública

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