| 08.06.2024

World Oceans Day – Awaken New Depths

Today is World Oceans Day! Let’s raise awareness about the importance of protecting and conserving the world’s oceans and its crucial importance in sustaining a healthy planet.

World Oceans Day as a global celebration, it seeks to bring people and organizations together across the globe with the joint spirit to help protecting and conserving the oceans. On this day, people around our blue planet celebrate and honor our ocean, which connects us all.

This year’s theme, „Awaken New Depths“ highlights the importance of humans and how they treat our oceans. Despite our profound dependence on it, our understanding of the ocean pales in comparison to its vastness.

The ocean sustains humanity and all life on our planet. Despite our utter reliance on it, we have only ever explored around 10% of it, the rest is still unexplored. While we know little of the ocean compared to its immense vastness, what we do know is that the consequences of our actions are evident throughout its waters.

Yet, the repercussions of our actions reverberate throughout its depths. The evidence of the ocean’s perilous state is unequivocal, yet each year, humanity persists in making shortsighted decisions that exacerbate the risk of its demise, as well as our own.There’s no room for ignorance or neglect. It’s imperative that we urgently transform our relationship with the ocean, recognizing that our efforts thus far have barely scratched the surface. To catalyze widespread action for the ocean’s well-being, we must delve deeper into our understanding and commitment.

The oceans cover around 71% of the earth’s surface and is deeply connected to one of the United Nations‘ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG14: Life below water.

This sustainability goal aims to significantly reduce pollution in the oceans and seas, particularly concerning nutrients and (plastic) waste. This includes reducing acidification, sustainably managing coastal ecosystems and fish stocks, and establishing marine protected areas. It seeks to expand scientific knowledge and recognize the Law of the Sea as a legal framework for the protection and sustainable use of the seas and oceans.

CES actively participates in advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, recognizing them as interconnected objectives for a sustainable future. As our company’s main focuses are water supply, wastewater, hydraulic engineering and public infrastructure we feel deeply connected with water and everything connected to it. With our projects we foster sustainability as much as possible and we are very aware of the fact, that clean, accessible water is a fundamental right. Reliable water supply is vital for sustainable social and economic prosperity. We can only rely on water as a resource when we, as a society, care about our oceans, rivers, lakes, springs and all other natural sources of water. To achieve this, we need to take on responsible and care for our oceans and the environment in general.

At CES, we are proud to be able to make our contribution in these important areas!


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