| 28.09.2021

Irrigation Improvement Project (PACT II) in Tungurahua Ecuador and new Branch Office of CES in Ecuador

More than 4000 farmer families will benefit from project co-financed by KfW! The main objective of the program is the improvement of the living conditions of the population of the province of Tungurahua and the conservation of hydrological basins, by improving water management and increasing agricultural production, more sustainable forms of production and increases of family income in agriculture.

The project’s objective aims to achieve the modernization of irrigation systems, as well as other measures for the protection of the water resources of the province. The sustainability of the investments is intended to be achieved through the involvement and technical assistance of beneficiary groups and organizations and the establishment of sustainable marketing chains.

Tungurahua is a province with very fertile and productive lands, because of the influence of the volcano with the same name. Agricultural lands cannot be cultivated without supplementary irrigation, which farmers apply mostly in the traditional way by gravity.

Clean water and sanitation

Recently installed pipelines in Puñapí near the Tungurahua volcano

Since the available water in the natural sources is no longer sufficient to irrigate all area, the provincial government promoted the change to more efficient pressurized irrigation methods since 2010. During this first phase of the project with assistance of CES, a smart methodology was developed to transform gravity irrigation systems to pressurized irrigation, through which the irrigation area was doubled without increasing water extraction from the sources in the vulnerable paramos.

Beneficiary in the Tungurahua province

The very promising results of the pilot phase led to the extension of the project with the now started second phase comprising pressurized irrigation of 2000 hectares from 4000 farmer families. The project is financed by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) via KfW Development Bank with 19 million Euros and contributions of €3.5 million from the province and €2.5 million from the beneficiaries.

Signing of the Consulting Contract by Manuel Caizabanda, prefect of Tungurahua (left) and Hugo Olazával, representative of CES (right)
Project inauguration with representatives of the provincial government, beneficiaries and CES

The Consulting services of CES commenced on August 1, 2021 and will have a duration of 4 years. The scope of work comprises among others: provide technical and methodological assistance to the provincial government in the management, planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring of the program at a conceptual, technical, organizational, administrative, and financial level. In addition to technical support in the irrigation area, environmental studies and watershed conservation are important topics in consulting services.

In the meantime, CES has registered a branch office in Ecuador for the execution of the mentioned irrigation project as well as for upcoming project. Besides CES’ presence in Peru and Bolivia with branch offices counting on almost 50 years of sustained and successful activity, our new branch in Ecuador is our third one in Latin America.


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