We are convinced that our success is a team achievement. Our workforce is our greatest asset.

We do our very best to provide a working environment for our teams fostering their mental and physical well-being. Discrimination, e.g. any distinction, exclusion or preference that has the effect of questioning equality of treatment or opportunity based on illegitimate grounds (like gender, marital status etc.), is prohibited. We promote diversity and equal opportunities. Our believe is documented in our company’s values: “respect, fairness and diversity”.

At CES, we

  • strongly condemn all forms of violation of fundamental human rights
  • promote a healthy and safe workplace
  • provide decent working conditions
  • promote the individual development of our team members
  • acknowledge the right to social dialogue and collective bargaining
  • expressly forbid any form of violence and harassment. We follow the workplace violence definition by the ILO such as bulying, mobbing, threats, assault and homicide on the job as forms of violence at work.

Our goal is to create and to maintain an inspiring, inclusive,
and healthy workplace!


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Only as a team can we be successful in what we do.
Providing consultancy and engineering services for improved living conditions.
As a team of engineers and specialists embedded into a network of partner companies, we are continuously looking for new members to join our team. Contact us and find your role.

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