• Feasibility Study – Wastewater Treatment Babu Sabu in Lahore
  • Coastal Cities as Sustainable Economic Hubs
  • Clean Town – Pink Lake, Nakuru Town Development and Biodiversity Conservation Project (LNBCP)
  • Green Infrastructure Beira
  • Adaptation to climate change in Mozambique (ACCM)
  • Storm Water Drainage System Beira – Adaptation to climate change
  • Itangua-Cuevo Irrigation System – Construction Supervision and Accompanying Measures
  • Upscaling Nature-Based Flood Protection in Mozambique’s coastal cities
  • Technical Supervision over Construction of Geghardalich Gravity Irrigation Scheme and Kaghtsrahen Gravity Irrigation Scheme
  • Consulting Services for the establishment of an Integrated Water Resources Management Information Sytem, Zambia
  • National Program for Proximity Irrigation – Components Réagir and Irrigar
  • Program for Investment in Inter-community Irrigation, Phase 2 (SIRIC II)
  • Sustainable Land Management in the Biji catchment area
  • Irrigation program „Water and climate change“ PACC I
  • IWRM / Kaps Dam at Akhouryan River, Phase 1
  • Training measures to MED staff – Rehabilitation of pumping stations II program
  • Climate change mitigation by enhanced energy efficiency – Technical Assistance to MED Rehabilitation of Pumping Stations II Program
  • Land Husbandry, Water Harvesting and Hillside Irrigation Project LWH


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